Create Calendar events based on .ics attachment

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I’m trying to automate the creation of events based on .ics attachements i receive in an e-mail.

At the moment, we can only manually add the date, but it would be way better to have the option to create the event based on the .ics file.

Thanks in advance for your help !!

Does this also immediately make an event for your calendar? A la google calendar?

Yes the file .ics can be read by Google Calendar.

as explained here

## Step 2: Import events into Google Calendar

​After you export your events, you can import them into Google Calendar. You can import with ICS and CSV files on a computer.

1. Open[ Google Calendar]
2. In the top right, click Settings 
3. In the menu on the left, click **Import & Export**.
4. Click **Select file from your computer** and select the file you exported. 
The file should end in ".ics" or ".csv."
5. Choose which calendar to add the imported events to.
  * By default, events are imported into your primary calendar.
6. Click **Import**.

There might be a better way to do this then the ICS, the ics is an exportable file, but does not currently trigger anything. If the appoinment is auto scheduled, via calendar, or via calendly, you may want to consider those triggers instead and filter the meetings you want it to do something automatically with via a branch. If you want to discuss, you can reach me under the same name on telegram

It looks like using the ical.js npm package, we can write code to load the .ics into JSON. However, I’m not aware of a way to pass files to a Code step yet. We’re improving our file passing capabilities, including sending files to an HTTP endpoint and I can discuss passing the file to the Code step too with the team.

Meanwhile, I think you can try to do something similar to what @thisthatjosh suggested, to have the even come from another service rather than from a file.

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I love when people tell me I’m generally right. :joy: :nerd_face:

@radu I am willing to help BTW if you need it.

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@thisthatjosh @ashrafsam - Thanks for your answers !
i’ll check some stuffs from what you suggested on my end and let you know.

thanks for the help @thisthatjosh - I’ll contact you if I don’t manage on my own :slight_smile:

The benefit of having an .ICS file is that when tapped in an email, it can automatically create a calendar event for the recipient. Example, client books an appointment, then tap the attached .ICS file named something like “Add to Cal” to add the meeting to their calendar.

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