Create a proper affiliate program

You know, the one that pays money, not automation runs :slight_smile:

Haha. How do you picture that? Tell us more

We send you traffic; you give us 30% of the revenue of all customers who sign-up on the affiliate links - for the first year.

This is a nice idea, but are you aware that we don’t make a lot of money out of the simple Pro plan? We’re focused on solving Enterprise/Embed problems to make the bigger chunks of money.

If implement this suggestion, the program will fail badly. You will redirect traffic to us, then keep waiting to make money without much success.

What’s a good monthly/annual revenue you’d like to make from a service to call it a proper affiliate program?

I haven’t made anything from affiliate products yet. I’m just thinking more about how the likes of Pabbly are driving a ton of traffic to their product with affiliates, and AP (with an insane amount of potential) doesn’t seem to generate the same buzz.

Unless consumer/maker market isn’t something you’re interested in?