Create a pdf every time a Google meet transcript is added to my GDrive

I’m new on the platform and I am sure I’m missing a lot but I have tried various ways and can’t seem to make this happen.

Alternatively, I’d like to have AI review and summarize the content of the transcripts but I can’t even get pass step one :grimacing:

What have you tried? If there’s no integration in place, you will have to do the conversion in code. Let me know and I can probably do a video on it.

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would be great if you. could do the video already on that. would certainly love that

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Check this out!

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Hello everyone. I just sent a new action for review that might help. Read more here: Developer needed for new Google Drive & Google Docs actions - #31 by PFernandez98

It should be publicly available soon.


GOLD! Your skills are underrated :metal:

EDIT: works perfect!

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