Core functions changes are confusing

Hi folks,
I wanted to have chatgpt craft posts for me then populate a googlesheet so then I can go there and do my social media designs, here is the issue:
I noticed that when you start a new flow you are presented with the following actions in the core tab (Forms-Schedule-SFTP-Webhook), So at first i choose schedule, cause I want this to run at specific times, but then if I choose schedule, I can’t choose webhook, so then I jump in a new flow to choose webhook and I think to myself, I will choose to schedule later, but then, schedule option is nowhere to be found, I tried looping this, cause I also want to get different results, but im too much of a beginner to do any looping, but anyway, back to the main point, why those 4 main actions go away once you start a flow, those 4 items being

and btw, here I am looking for Schedule and I can’t find it, as shown

Thank you for all your help in advance.

Hi @Khaled

I see the confusion, there is two type of Steps (Trigger) and Actions, Trigger is always the first step, It’s like When X (Trigger) happen Do Y (Actions)

So The schedule and webhook is a trigger, You have to hover over first step and click on the icon (Replace Trigger), You will be able to see Schedule and Webhook there.

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@abuaboud Thank you so much, you are a legend, I am very very new to this so a lot of the things that may seem apparent to others may not to me :smiley: Thank you once again for taking the time to help me, much appreciate it

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