🚨 Copy/paste & deletion of steps does no more work in the workflow editor!

I think we’re facing an important bug : I can no more delete or duplicate a step while editing workflows. When hovering the step, the delete and duplicate icons appear on the left of the step, but as soon as I try to click one of them, they disappear !

Any chance to get a quick fix ? I’m stuck updating an important workflow …

FYI : I did an update yesterday but didn’t noticed this bug, as I didn’t need to either delete either duplicate a step at that time…

I re-update AP 5 minutes ago, but the bug is still there. Please let me know should you need any screen recording of the issue !

Thanks !

Additional (and important) info : this bug happens only for steps in the right branch of nested branchs (for level 2). Really weird !

Thanks for noting this @ChrisHK, we have found the issue and fixed it, once it is released you can upgrade and all should be great :smiley:

Awesome ! Many thanks @Abdul and the AP team !

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