Convert (JSON to CSV) / Testing is broken

For it is not able to test a block

I always got the error message: CSV JSON is not a valid JSON object.

I also tried to test with the direct JSON Code - but the “Test” Button is not clickable.


  "events": [
      "idEvent": "1841123",
      "idSoccerXML": null,
      "idAPIfootball": "1048881",
      "strEvent": "Werder Bremen vs Bayern Munich",
      "strEventAlternate": "Bayern Munich @ Werder Bremen",
      "strFilename": "German Bundesliga 2023-08-18 Werder Bremen vs Bayern Munich",
      "strSport": "Soccer",
      "idLeague": "4331",
      "strLeague": "German Bundesliga",
      "strSeason": "2023-2024",
      "strDescriptionEN": "",
      "strHomeTeam": "Werder Bremen",
      "strAwayTeam": "Bayern Munich",
      "intHomeScore": "0",
      "intRound": "1",
      "intAwayScore": "4",
      "intSpectators": null,
      "strOfficial": "",
      "strTimestamp": "2023-08-18T18:30:00+00:00",
      "dateEvent": "2023-08-18",
      "dateEventLocal": "2023-08-18",
      "strTime": "18:30:00",
      "strTimeLocal": "20:30:00",
      "strTVStation": null,
      "idHomeTeam": "133662",
      "idAwayTeam": "133664",
      "intScore": "10",
      "intScoreVotes": "1",
      "strResult": "",
      "idVenue": null,
      "strVenue": "wohninvest WESERSTADION",
      "strCountry": "Germany",
      "strCity": "",
      "strPoster": "",
      "strSquare": "",
      "strFanart": null,
      "strThumb": "",
      "strBanner": "",
      "strMap": null,
      "strTweet1": "",
      "strTweet2": "",
      "strTweet3": "",
      "strVideo": "",
      "strStatus": "Match Finished",
      "strPostponed": "no",
      "strLocked": "unlocked"

Is this a known bug or can you help me @Community @abuaboud @kanarelo

Hi @Cumonvip,

JSON formatting is in base always the same, you have to start with curly opening en closing brackets. And within the JSON body u have a “key” and a “value”. Also notice that apostrophes need to be straight as you see above they are formatted as opening and closing apostrophes so don’t copy anything from below but tripe over or change the apostrophes. Also keep in mind that every row end with a comma except the last! And also not when there is just one row.


I hope this helps you further!

Also the data you copied as JSON, misses the closing brackets, that probably why it does not see it as valid JSON

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Thanks so much! This works for me!

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