Connecting with Taskade


I am trying to connect AP to Taskade but the task is created but no data seems to be sent over. Does anyone know the JSON body structure that I should be using?


I think you would want to do click on the “@” (Dynamic Value) for Body and type in your Task Content when creating a new task.

You’ll need your Project ID to run the test. Let me know if that works as I am just basing it on the docs. You could also use the Public API Testing tool to test it (linked below).


  "tasks": [


      "taskId": "string",

      "placement": "beforebegin",

      "contentType": "text/markdown",

      "content": "# New Task \n1. __Read API Docs__

    * [Create Task in Project](

        * [Use Taskade Public API Testing Tool](

2. Get *{projectId}*

    1. Make sure to update ***{projectId}*** in the POST URL"




EDIT: Forgive my spelling error in the screenshots-- didn’t catch until after upload. Code is updated.

There is piece in progress by @kishanprmr