Connecting to StealthSeminar via Webhook

I am trying to use Webhook to connect StealthSeminar to ActivePieces, but it is not working.

Has anyone been able to make this happen?

Specifically, when StealthSeminar sends data via Webhook, it seems to send the challenge code in JSON format, but ActivePieces needs to return it in text format, not JSON format.

However, ActivePieces does not seem to support responses in text format.

The image you shared in Discord.

API docs: StealthSeminar API Reference

Would this not be the appropriate response based on the example? You have to send this response FIRST to establish the endpoint before you can use the StealthSeminar API, no?

I understand what StealthSeminar is saying.
However, they are saying that they need to respond in text format, but ActivePieces only seems to support responses in JSON format.
We believe this is the problem here.

I think I understand.

Wouldn’t you just add content-type: text/plain into a header to change the payload from JSON to Text?


After sitting and thinking about this I went looking for other options. Someone else posted about this:

Stealth Webinar Webhook Challenge in PHP

Maybe this could be done using the Code Piece instead of the HTTP Piece to autheticate the webhook that first time?

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