Connecting Airtable and Google contacts

Trying to build my first flow and there is no way to choose which TABLE in Airtable I want a new record to trigger an action. The red ! tells me “incomplete settings” but there is nowhere to choose the table. Help?

Build the airtable first, and it will pull the records. It doesn’t push columns, but pulls them very well!

The base is already built and has several tables. I could not specify which table to pull from. Not trying to push, just can’t set up the trigger I want. Where/how can I choose the table?

Is it your base? If so, it should have a pull down for based and table. Just looked at it.

@ATorg Are you able to see all these options in your trigger?

Maybe your screen’s height is small and you have to scroll down to see them. If you don’t see them at all, please post a screenshot of what you see.

No. I created the personal token which only allowed me to do at the base level not the table level. Then I tried to create a new flow with the trigger being that a new record is creating but can’t do more than this, which doesn’t look like what you pasted: