Click Connector Integrations

Click Connector (Service-Support & Sales tool)

Click Connector is a tool really similar to Intercom. It is a customer facing tool for service/support, marketers and sales teams and provides omnichannel support, AI asstinance chat bots and knowledge base support.

And btw they also came from an appsumo deal.


  • Write: Create Contact (Create a new Contact)
  • Write: Create new ticket (Create a new ticket (conversation) with details)
  • Write: Send message to conversation (Send a message to existing conversation)
  • Write: Start new conversation (Start new conversation and send a message)
  • Write: Tag Contact (Tag the contact record)
  • Search: Resolve Contact (action used to find a contact)


  • Instant: New Contact (Triggers when a new contact is created)

  • Instant: Verified Contact (Triggers when a new contact is verified and created)

  • Instant: New Tag on contact (Triggers when a contact is tagged)

  • Instant: Conversation closed (Triggers when a conversation is closed)

  • Instant: New Tag on conversation (Triggers when a conversation is tagged)

  • Instant: New Conversation (Triggers when a new conversation is created)

  • Use case you have in a real business setup
    we wanted to get notified by slack / WaChat message about new users (contacts), new conversation and new tagged conversations. We will use it to build up our 24/7 standby support that our staff is notfied on their mobile devices.
    We also will migrate this more and more to our company communication tool ( in an upcoming iteration.

If you’re requesting a feature, post as much detail about it, attach screenshots / illustration for inspiration

I filled my request by have a look on the zapier solution:

Additional info:

API Documentation Click Connector:

Very nice to see that clickconnector is already named here!

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+1, would be awesome !

What I’ve been doing the last few days: I wrote to their team with the request to also document the GET methods via the API, as these are still missing. They have already promised that the resource will be added shortly.

Otherwise it would not be possible for notification transmission.

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Awesome, thanks a lot @Cumonvip !