Chatgpt Timeout

Hi Guys,

I get a constant timeout of Chat GPT, i know other platforms had issues with this is the past too. It had to do with the time the api waits for a respons and sometimes i could take a while with Chatgpt to provide the full answer.

So with testing i run into issues that there is a time out of the system, in this case AP does not receive the response. Is there a way to resolve this?

Also another issue i encoutered multiple times during testing is the following, anything i could do to resolve this? i have a paid account with access to GPT 4 API

Looking forward to your answer!



Hi Bram,

This can be caused by doing many requests in short interval to OpenAI too, Is that the case for you?

Nope, just one request at the moment. Nothing else is running from/towards OpenAI.

Another thing to try regenerate your key and use it, OpenAI increase the quota of the key if it were generated 48 hours after you added the billing information.

Does this work?

I’ve not added any billing information, but the Workflow ran this morgning and everything important worked fine!!! so very happy with the results :slight_smile:

Other issues I got fixed :slight_smile:
Really love your product, with a big smile looking to the future

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Very glad to hear this @Bram and I’d like to welcome you to our community as an active member!

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