Chatgpt doesn't remember the previous message

Hello. For chatgpt I use standard pieces openai and telegram bot and for some reason chatgpt does not remember the previous message. I write to it that my name is Anton. Then I ask him my name, he says he doesn’t have that information.

Previously I used chatgpt through other software like zennoposter and there is definitely no such problem. I send post requests one after another and the chat remembers the whole conversation. And I don’t have to remind previous texts for chatgpt. Why is there a problem with context here in activepieces? Maybe I forget to use some function?

That’s right, we don’t yet have embedded memory in LLM pieces like ChatGPT and OpenRouter but it’s something we wanted to add. Meanwhile, you could take the more technical path and use a Storage piece to keep the context and re-use it in your prompt.

Let me know if you need help with this.

Hello. Thank you for your reply. I didn’t understand very well why to allocate memory. I used the simplest clients to send post requests and chatgpt always kept the context of the previous post in memory. I didn’t need to do anything for that. Why this does not work in activepieces is not clear to me.
But if you know how to solve this problem, please tell me more or give me a link to a test project.

What’s the message and response in the screenshot? I can’t read it.

The screenshot is just an example of sending an api request where no memory allocation was required for chatgpt to remember the previous message. Maybe I don’t understand something. You don’t have to look at the screenshot, please help me solve the problem.

ChatGPT’s API doesn’t have built in memory, so you have to save the chat somewhere and attach it in your prompt, this is for sure and you should know it in order to build properly with ChatGPT

We can add memory to ChatGPT’s piece on Activepieces though, but we didn’t do this yet

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You were right. Chatgpt does not remember previous messages in other clients. Thanks for the reply.

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