Card Changed Trigger in Trello

Is there any way to trigger a workflow when a card’s title or description changes?
Right now, I can see a new card trigger, and a trigger that works when the list changes.
But I want to update a spreadsheet whenever the data changes in a Trello card too. How to do that?

Are you using a paid Trello plan? If so, you can use Butler (the Trello automations) to fire off a webhook notification when a card changes and pass whatever data you want to be able to use.

Hmm. I’m not. Sorry, I’m going back to n8n. There’s a lot to like about ActivePieces but it doesn’t seem to cover the use cases I have.

You might want to wait to see if you get a reply from someone official. I’m just a user! :slight_smile:

I just checked, though, and even on the free plan, Trello gives you access to their automation. (Only 250 command runs per month, though.) So, depending on how many times this happens, it may or may not be a good solution for you.

This is not yet available on Activepieces. Please refer to our Pieces page when you want to see what’s supported and what not.

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