Can't upload featured image to Wordpress (made by Dall-e 3 or Stability)

It worked before, but now it seems like ActivePieces have changed (?) the way the image URL looks, so Wordpress denies uploading of the files. I believe it’s because there are NO postfix for the file. Like .png or .jpg.

This makes the image not validating in Wordpress, and hence the article is not published there.

How can we fix this?

When I manually added .png after the image url, it posted to Wordpress, but the image didn’t show in the post.

Use the File Helper piece and change the Image url to Base 64, that might help.

Wordpress and images loading via API is always complex as it’s not really clear what works and what not…

Ironically was going to come post the same thing… can’t get the image to show up - different format. But not always happy with the results either - a little pricy to random spellings non things.

It kind of, except that the Flow get’s the "You have unsaved changes on this page due to network disconnection. " every freaking time. So I have to refresh, and then it’s gone.

I think that is a bug though I’ve had it a couple of time too before. Maybe good to create a dummy flow just for testing purposes and try it there?

@Bram @Preben I had the same issue using the image helper. The image / generated file is too large in size. I use the same piece to change width and height, just enough so the file size is less than 2Mb. I request 1024 x 1024, and crop the result to 850x850, Quality is still there, just that now the file size is not 3.1Mb but now comes in at 1.8 Mb. The piece now does not error out. Not sure if that is intended, but it’s a work around that works for me.,

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