Can't run multiple active pieces at a time

Hey guys, I’m noticing I can’t run more than 4-5 active pieces at a time.

Even 5 is pushing it.

Keep getting errors & failed runs anytime I do more than that.

Please help.

What are “active pieces”? Can you elaborate more with context, screenshots and more details?

Here’s a loom explainer:

Hi @devinmcpaul,

Thank you for the video. To determine the exact reason for the failure, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on one of the failed runs. This will open the builder and allow you to view the steps that occurred.

  2. Click on the failed step itself.

  3. Check the output section of the failed step.

Please let us know the contents of the output section so that we can assist you further.

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Please do the steps abuaboud mentioned, but here is my insight on this:

If you’re running multiple runs that has ChatGPT in, you’ll be restricted by the rate limits the OpenAI has. This is a problem that requires a non-trivial solution especially if your trigger is something like Slack New Message as you have very little control over when the API will be called.

I’ll move this topic to Discussions so we can brainstorm it together, but please also confirm the error so we can have a fruitful conversation.