Can't figure out Twilio's Lookup authorization

This is probably basic, but anybody know how I would set up the authorizations, as per (link): Lookup v2 Quickstart | Twilio

In particular, where and how would I include the required YOUR_ACCOUNT_SID , and YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN

@S_M you will have to do 2 steps. I don’t have a Twilio account, but here’s the general idea :-).

Convert the sid and token to base64 string.

The code looks like the following:

And built the HTTP request to use the base64 for base authorization

If that doesn’t work, you can try skipping the base64 code and concatenate the sid and token such as

Authorization: Basic {sid}:{token}
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Thanks bro, will give this a try and report back! (once I get home lol)

Worked like a charm! Thank you so much! :ok_hand: :pray: :muscle:

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