Can't add new subscriber to Mailchimp after TidyCal booking

Hi Mo,

I hope you’re well. Unfortunately, I’m still having problems with adding new subscribers to our Mailchimp audience (“add member to an audience (list)”).

When a new contact makes a booking on TidyCal, it’s supposed to add the email contact to our Mailchimp audience. However, this only works when I “test” the step in the flow, not when the contact makes the booking on TidyCal.

It’s the same for “adding a subscriber to a tag”. When I make the booking in Tidycal with an email contact already on our list, they aren’t added to the tag. But when I “test” that part of the flow, they are tagged in Mailchimp.

The goal is for new contacts to be added to our list and then added to the tag, so they can receive a payment email. If they are an old contact making the booking, they should simply be added to the tag, so they receive the email.

Please could you help with this. I’m not sure why it’s not working automatically.


Hadar Swersky

Hi @abuaboud hope you are well. I would appreciate your help with the above. We’re still having issues with the automation for TidyCal to Mailchimp.

Hadar Swersky

Hi @HadarSwersky you have some screen shots of the set-up and error so we can take a look?

Hi @Bram thanks for getting back to me. This is Paul, Hadar’s marketing manager.

I’m attaching screenshots for you, in sequence. The first screenshot shows our Active Pieces flow. The second, third and fourth screenshots show there are no errors in the flow, when testing.

The fifth screenshot shows the TidyCal booking being made. The sixth screenshot shows the TidyCal booking email arrived from TidyCal. The seventh screenshot shows the latest booking being detected in the Active Pieces flow, after reloading the data. And the eighth screenshot shows the contact wasn’t added to our Mailchimp contacts.

If I run the test with that new email address, it will add the contact to Mailchimp and tag them. But it doesn’t do that automatically, when someone makes the booking by themselves on Tidycal.

The contact is supposed to be added and tagged (step 1 and 2 in the flow). If they are a contact already, they should just be tagged.

Please let me know if you need anything else.


on behalf of
Hadar Swersky

Hi @Bram after posting all that, it worked! :slightly_smiling_face: There was just a slight delay, and also an extra unnecessary step in our flow that I didn’t see which signaled an error with the run.



It’s always the same😉

Just reaching out and trying it one more time solved the problem.

Happy automating, and in case of any help needed, feel free to reach out.

Kr Bram

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