Cannot get full article transfered through RSS on Google Spreadsheet


Please, I cannot get the full articles through my RSS automation, using the website NCBI, I do share the sheet results and screenshots, I cannot find the right value, please, is it possible getting help on that, please

Thank you, really


Need help! Need help! Need help!

HELP! Need help? Help!

Hi @IwanGlain and welcome to our community!

In order for us to help you, we need more information about what’s going wrong. What does your flow look like? Which steps are not working? What errors are you seeing?


Thank you

I did send to Zendesk a couple of time

I really don’t know the issue, I do test all triggers, cannot see the one for article

Thank you, really


Hi @IwanGlain Your flow reads the RSS and adds it to the sheet. As per my understanding, RSS usually has the description (short version) of the article but not all of it.

If I’m correct, this means if you MUST get the full article, you’ll need to fetch the URL with an HTTP step, parse it to get the raw text content from it and add it to the sheet. This is a non-trivial task and if you’re not technical enough you’ll run into many issues.

The biggest issue is to know how to find the content and convert it to text, especially if the source of news is variable not a fixed website with a fixed layout. Even if you do it for that website, if it changes in the future your flow will break.

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