Can I use Zoom as a Trigger


I’m transferring my Zapier automation to Active Pieces and one of them has Zoom as a Trigger: Adding a new Webinar Registrant in Zoom to my HubSpot Contact List.

I understand Active Pieces has Zoom however when I type Zoom to add it as a trigger It’s not showing, below is a screenshot:

Kindly assist, what could be the problem here?

Hello @itech,

Currently, Zoom functionalities are available only as actions and not as triggers. The available actions are “Create Zoom Meeting” and “Create Zoom Meeting Registrant.”

Given that Zoom can’t be used as a trigger in ActivePieces, you won’t be able to directly replicate your Zapier automation that uses Zoom as a trigger using the basic blocks.

You could however use Zoom webhooks to manually add the specific trigger you need.

Hi @Dennis, thanks for that. Much Appreciated