Calendly Trigger webhook doesn't work

Hello! Sorry if my english it’s not perfect but I’m a spanish native speaker.
I created a flow:
Step 1: New event in Calendly
Step 2: Delay for four days
Step 3: Send an email.

The tests runs it’s perfect but when I published it doesn’t work. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

Can you post a screenshot with details about a failed run?
At what step does your flow fail and what error does it output?


I realized that when I use mock data, the test runs absolutely perfect. But it appears this message and I cannot make a test with my own data to check where’s the error.

Hi @Astrologia_Pergamino

Welcome to Activepieces, Is this or are you self hosting activepieces?

Cloud, should I get the self host? I don’t know anything about coding that’s why I chose cloud.

Nope, I am asking so we could have clear steps to reproduce :grin:

Oh alright, thank you.

Moving it to bugs and next action is to try Calendly webhook trigger

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