BUG: When building out branches I can't edit some of the Pieces anymore

If I build out some bigger branches, some of the pieces can’t be edited anymore.

I can send a screenvideo via PM to explain more in details. I just don’t want this video posted open anywhere.

Hi @Preben

You are pushing activepieces to the limits hehe, We knew about this problem and we never though someone would would reach this depth .

I think it’s time to not just fix it but make layouts look great too for large flows.

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@abuaboud , he he. Pushing it?

I only have 85 pieces in this one Flow. But when I am finished it will probably be 100+. I am currently using 7 and 7 branches nested, to get it to work. I found that adding 8 or more nested branches got me into trouble, and I don’t like trouble :sweat_smile:

The reason I do it like this is to not get too many Flows to run each 5 minutes. I found that it’s probably better to have one Master flow that runst every 5 minutes, and that it will then start the right sub-flows when ever it should run. Uses less credits, and less server resources this way.

It would be awesome to get a layout solution :star_struck: where we can drag and drop a bit, to change the layout. I really fancy Aputime’s layout canvas system.

Combine this with a multi-branch piece, where we can add one simple solution for:
If variable X = A, then run sub-flow A
if variable X = B, then run sub-flow B
if variable X = C, then run sub-flow C
etc etc.

Not sure how to do it, but it would be lovely for this kind of flow I am setting up now.

Hi Preben,

85+ pieces, nice. What are you building?

I’ve noticed that many flows can be set-up in an easier way, if you ever want to chat and see if we can make it more simple, let me know.

Kr Bram

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@Bram , it would be nice to chat. I’ll send you a PM.

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This could be fixed by adding the function of dragging the page with the course and zooming! Please it is necessary

Hi @Preben

I think we pushed many updates zoom / fit view / and complete new way to render.

Marking this as solved.

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