BUG: Google Sheet piece removes columns when adding new ROWS

I have a big Google Sheet that is used as the database for more than 1 flow.

I have one flow that runs, and it should then add a new row to the Google Sheet. Because this one Google Sheet is used by multiple flows to pull data from, I have decided what each column should contain.

BUT when I add a new row, and the current flow has no data for instance for column C, but has data for column D, the Google Sheet Piece removes column C, and just inserts the data for D into C.

What is the fix?

I found a “kind of” fix. I added a new column in a sheet that has no content. So the value looks like this:

Skjermbilde 2023-12-01 kl. 16.16.59

Then I re-use that empty value as a placeholder:

And it works.

BUT it would be so much easier if you just made a placeholder we can use, or make the Google Sheet “add new row” respect that an empty box should be posted as empty, and not remove it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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