[BUG]: Connection to Google calendar doesn't work

Describe the bug
Can’t connect google account

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create flow
  2. Add any trigger
  3. Add google calendar piece
  4. Try to add connection

Expected behavior
Connection successfully created


Additional context
Connection works properly with the local environment

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Same here… I’m new user since yesterday. Gmail connection works fine, but the calendar connection fails

If anyone finds a workaround, let me know!

I’m completely stuck on this.

I suspect this bug was introduced the other day when they changed the Google calendar token to “polling” or something because the calendar token stopped working after a week


Can you test it on the cloud now, does it work?


Still not working.
I rolled back to version 13, it works fine.

errors during adding

Found it, It’s an issue in our PKCE challenge flow, and only google calendar uses that.

It’s fixed and release in the cloud and in 0.14.3.

Enjoy your weeeeeekend! :smiley:

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Amazing, it works!
Thank you!

It works! thank you! :rainbow:

Is there a way to enter into the description field? Seems theres a lot of fields I cant access…
Also is there any hope of editing or deleting an event?
I’m automating weather forecasts to my calendar, so they need to be able to be updated/recreated as the weather changes… :crossed_fingers:

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