Brevo: new action: create and send email campaign + improvements to create/update contact


Create/Update contact

When creating or updating a contact, I’d like to

  • set values for custom attributes
  • add the contact to a list

Both of these are already possible, but could be improved.

In Pabbly the custom fields are displayed, as are the names of the lists.
This would make using activepieces more comfortable

Create campaign

I’d like to create an automatic campaign, e.g. when a new podcast episode is published, to notify everyone on a specific list.

In the Brevo menu, there are these code snippets e.g. for Node JS


Create a campaign\


Include the Brevo library\

var SibApiV3Sdk = require(‘sib-api-v3-sdk’);
var defaultClient = SibApiV3Sdk.ApiClient.instance;

Instantiate the client\

var apiKey = defaultClient.authentications[‘api-key’];
apiKey.apiKey = ‘YOUR_API_V3_KEY’;
var apiInstance = new SibApiV3Sdk.EmailCampaignsApi();
var emailCampaigns = new SibApiV3Sdk.CreateEmailCampaign();

Define the campaign settings\ = “Campaign sent via the API”;
emailCampaigns.subject = “My subject”;
emailCampaigns.sender = {“name”: “From name”, “email":"”};
emailCampaigns.type = “classic”;

Content that will be sent\

htmlContent: ‘Congratulations! You successfully sent this example campaign via the Brevo API.’,

Select the recipients\

recipients: {listIds: [2, 7]},

Schedule the sending in one hour\

scheduledAt: ‘2018-01-01 00:00:01’

Other Languages

there are also examples for Python, Ruby, PHP and CURL


is here: