I am writing again and now to request a feature integration between Activepieces and Bokun, a leading tour operator booking solution owned by Tripadvisor. This integration would allow Activepieces users to send and receive data to and from Bokun, making it easier to automate their marketing and sales workflows.

There are several specific benefits that this integration would provide to Activepieces users:

  • Improved customer segmentation and targeting: Bokun offers powerful segmentation and targeting capabilities that Activepieces users could leverage to send more personalized and relevant marketing communications to their customers.
  • Increased sales: Bokun’s powerful booking engine and distribution channels. Activepieces can help’s users increase their bookings by making it easier for customers to book tours and activities online via Pieces that are already in place.
  • Improved operational efficiency: The integration would allow Activepieces users who use Bokun, to automate many of their manual tasks, such as updating customer records, and sending booking confirmations, by connecting data streams via other systems that already have Pieces.

In addition to these specific benefits, an integration between Activepieces and would also make Activepieces more attractive to potential customers who are already using Bokun. By making it easier to integrate their existing booking solution with Activepieces, you can reduce the friction for potential customers to switch to your platform from Zapier.

I believe that an integration between Activepieces and Bokun would be a valuable addition to your platform and would be well-received by your users in the tour industry. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss this further.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Henry O.