Automated content writing flow keeps running after completion

I created a flow to automate content writing, and it works fine, but it keeps running even after finishing the task. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!

Hello there @mahmoud , welcome to our community :star2:
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Can you give us screenshots to further help ? and I would really appreciate it if you could share the flow, or export it to here :smiley:

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Hi @Abdul,

Thanks for your response. Sorry I’m unable to share the flow publicly at this time, but I’ve attached a screenshot for your reference.

In my flow i followed the same steps using the template attached in this article Use ChatGPT to automate writing long blog posts on WordPress (1,500+ words) - Activepieces

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Can you tell us how many items are being passed to your loop? it looks like they are too many, causing your flow to run for a while.
If they are not more than 10s of items, can you please do the following:
right click → inspect → check the console in the top right corner of your browser → do you see any errors there, if so please paste them here ?

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They are just 5 items in the loop. Yes am getting errors in console.

Are you on cloud ?
Do you have any plugins/extensions in your browser doing ad blocking/guarding ? if so can you turn them off and test ?

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Good morning Abdul, Yes on cloud. There is no extensions in the google profile that i use.
I tried incognito, and tried to export/import the flow to an empty one. none of these solutions work with with me.

Hi @Abdul, Please check your Discord messages.