Automate Blog Writing with AI, Step 2 issue

I’m following the instructions here Automate Blog Writing with AI: A Step by Step Guide using OpenAI - Activepieces and using my own spreadsheet, but don’t know why its generating the generic text here. What’s causing that or is that an example?

The reason for that I think is the fact that you run two ChatGPT pieces an therefore see the data from the first pieces which you could insert to the second.

For better understanding it might help naming both pieces in the flow. This is also of great advantage when creating large flows with 20+ pieces to better understand what in happening where.

Basically the first OpenAI step, creates the title only, the second one creates the content.

try using gpt 3.5-turbo for BOTH chat GPT steps. I tried using gpt3.6-turbo-16k and it gave the generic SEO posts. also make sure you got thru and validate/test each step. i think mine was pulling in old data until i re-tested (but not sure. i’m almost sure, as I just testd it again, and it had the correct blog, but the generic body text until i did the re-test)