Auto blogging flow is not working

Salam everyone!

I build this flow, is already tested two times it was working but after adding 3 pieces it not work anymore.

How ever I see that usage of openai API increase without seeing any output in WordPress.

There is two loops:
one loop for each article title
on loops on section writing


Salam @Abdul,
Can you guess what the problem is?

@izr_amine what error are you getting?

There’s no errors, but the problem is the workflow still running for ever and don’t produce any article on WordPress.
moreover when I check the usage of openai I find the cost increasing.

Can you guess the issue here!!

@izr_amine The screenshot is very small in resolution and the different flows you’re using is not clearly visible.

I want to help, but even if you export and share the Flow, since you’re using different pieces that require different authentication, It would be very difficult to debug it.

Is there any way you can add me to your account (and give permission to access and update this flow)?

If not, I can spend some time, we can jump on a quick call and you can share the screen, If you don’t have much programming knowledge then we need some way for you to share your screen and give me control to make changes.

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@IOBLR Please check the DMs

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