Authorized API call

Authorized API call Action

For every piece, add an “Authorized API Call” action where users can form the HTTP request themselves while Activepieces handles authorization. This is useful for modules like Twitter where a simple Bearer token doesn’t work.

This will allow us to use REST API actions for pieces before Activepieces supports them natively.

Pabbly/Make have these actions available for most of their modules.

That’s an exciting idea!

Glad you like the idea! Would you mind upvoting please? :slight_smile:

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This would be insanely helpful and make existing pieces a lot more powerful as a lot of actions are still missing on a lot of pieces and with this feature people could utilize these actions, even though they are not implemented yet.

This would help a lot! It would be great if every pieces would have a link to link toward the API reference too, so we don’t have to search for it online