Async callback within a flow

I am a newbie. Nice to see such a nice and polished piece of software.

I want to build a flow where there will set of steps which will make external API calls. One of the API call would get an immediate acknowledgement. When the real work is done by that API, it can/will call back with a correlation ID. After this callback happens, the flow should proceed to the next steps. Till the callback comes in, the flow should not proceed to the next step. (Basically an ability to support async call backs)

How do i do this in active pieces. Any pointers would be great. Thanks in advance.



Currently, we don’t have this capability, all flows are executed in sync mode in regards to steps, however you could just use a code step to do the example you had provided in the diagram by waiting for all your API calls to have a response before finishing the execution of the step.

thanks @Abdul for the response