Assistance for Automating Website Update Process

Dear Customer Support and Community,

I am reaching out to you for assistance in automating a process that involves various activities related to my website. Below are the steps required for you to help me implement this automation:

  1. access a Google Sheet.
  2. process the first row of the sheet, extracting the URL and isolating the final segment that always corresponds to “something-to-zone”, where “zone” represents the variable city or location (can be also with two or more words like new-york-city or “las-vegas” or “cincinnati” etc.)
  3. We initiate a chat session with Claude 3 Sonnet (better if i can use api instead of a chat).
  4. Attach a specific document to used like a structure template for IA.
  5. Use a prompt I have prepared before.
  6. Copy the resulting text, elaborated by Claude 3.
  7. Log in like admin to a specific website, for example: is available for purchase -
  8. Visit the URL obtained in point 2 (present in the same specific website of point 7).
  9. Click on “edit” to modify the loaded page.
  10. Replace the content of the page with that generated by Claude 3.
  11. Save the changes made to the page.
  12. Proceed to the next row’s URL and repeat the cycle of operations.

In the future I would also change some field like alt tag, img alt text and other in SEO plugin like Squirrly or rankmath, before proceed to next row, but for now it will fantastic just automate this process!!!

I thank you in advance for the assistance you can provide in implementing this automated process.