Appsumo tier 3 and lot of features locked

i got apsumo tier 3 i see the number of Please upgrade your plan to unlock this feature. i see all task number and account seem ok but i can do sh***

so how we solve this matter :frowning:

I think the way we represent things isn’t satisfying yet. We’re working on improving the experience, sorry.

However, these are additional features that originally don’t exist in the Pro plan (or the open source community edition).

I’m sensing from our users that the :lock: locks are overwhelming so I’ll be discussing this with our team and see how we can make your experience smoother with the product.


but i can do sh***

What things are you trying to do but can’t?

I mean normally I can add connection and go around now I see many, this features is lock. I was feeling account is limited maybe not well set up. I might be wrong but most of this kind of deal grow up with features, so mean that it’s normal we are lock with features of the beginning forever

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Are you okay? Your message reads as if you are having a stroke.

What are you unable to do? There are virtually no features that are off-limits to AppSumo users.


The features you have are not beginner features at all @bobbydennie You can build all kinds of flows with only too few limitations.

The locked features were designed with our Enterprise customers for their specific needs (managing multiple clients, embedding in their SaaS, or large organizations to automate their departments).

Again, I understand that it makes you feel bad because of the too many locks on the screen, and I’ll discuss this concern with the team to make your experience pleasant instead.

We promise to continue to add very powerful features to the Pro plan (which you have) down the road :slight_smile:


Okay, I understand, but it’s not obvious at first, probably because I came back after some update. At first, it feels like a constraint, but I get the point. I will ignore it for now. Thanks for the answer.

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I also have to say it feels a bit strange the last days when I saw it the first time. Honestly - I thought with Tier 3, I covered the most of the features - also for the future upcoming things. But ok, that is my fault - but yes I fully I agree - it feels super bad.

Also thank you form my side @ashrafsam for explained it

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Just for 200,000 tasks per month, it can be practical to separate them into projects. Currently, we can use folders, but having access to this useful feature should not be too expensive to give this perk. It’s not at an enterprise level complicated and high end features as i think, It just convenient for organizing our workflow in more efficient ways.

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