AppSumo Inquiry

Hi folks,

Was looking forward to active pieces being added back to AppSumo in June as stated in the comments on AppSumo. It now looks like all references to ActivePieces have been removed from.AppSumo. Please advise as I would love to upgrade my plan as the software is great.


Very good question! I’m Interested also!

For some reason, taking the page down is part of the process to launch in June.

Yes, we’re still launching on AppSumo in June and it will be our last AppSumo campaign. We’re considering bigger tiers as part of our farewell campaign.


Amazing, i’ll be waiting for the Appsumo launch. I assume every Appsumo tier will be mapped to the PRO plan so after you consume all the tasks in the tier you bought you’ll pay $1/1000 tasks. Is that right?