Appsumo Deal Upgrade Problem

Hi I used to be a Pro plan member (5000 tasks/mo). Then i bought the deal Tier 3 on Appsumo.
However once i canceled my Pro plan membership instead of the Tier 3 subscription i got back to the Pro plan.

Can someone help me fix it?

Could you please send your info to ?

Hi Abdul thanks for your reply!
I’ve tried to write to
However i received as an answer that now everything runs through the community and so I’d have to create a thread here.

When you purchase tier 3 it gives you the price minus what you havae already paid for the other tiers, if you go and cancel one of the previous tiers then you will go down a tier.

Hey Jamie, thanks for your reply.

However, it is now unclear to me what I should do next.

I was previously enrolled in the Pro Plan (5K tasks /mo)

Then I purchased the Appsumo tier 3 plan (200k tasks/mo) and then cancelled the pro plan.

However in my account still shows the Pro plan, and I’m unable to upgrade my account to the Appsumo tier 3 plan.

How can I do that?


We address billing and account issues through I responded to your ticket there yesterday, so I’m marking this thread as solved.

For anyone experiencing account or billing-related problems, please contact

Thank you,

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