Approval Step not working - and hints?

Hi everyone,
I have gone through all the existing posts for the “approval” setup but cannot get it to work.

Here is what I do and what I believe should be correct (but please correct me if wrong)

  • have a published flow that gets triggered (works)
  • “create approval links” (works)
  • get the approval links to somewhere so someone can click on it (id sent it via email, works)
  • have a step “wait for approval” that related to the link click before (DOES NOT work)

Here is what I tired:
→ waiting: does not work after 1 minute and not after 1h (so it does not seem to be a time issue)
→ refreshing the browser (does not seem to be caching)
→ approving or disapproving (both links do not work)
→ export and re-import the flow (same issue persists)
→ triggered many times >20

Any hints? Thx.


  • I am aware that testing the approval link step does not work as there is no ID within the test link
  • I am also aware that there needs to be a branch after the approval to make a difference in the flow (but that is not the issue yet)

Hi @Kai

Can you please republish the flow now and try again, If it doesn’t work I dm’d you my calendar link

If we please can have a short call so we can debug it together.

Thank you,

It has been republished several times. The one not working is the published version (I know that can sometimes be overlooked easily)

Earlier on the confirmation link just rendered an empty page.
Now I get something like

(which would explain why it does not work)

Hi @Kai,

Are you using the cloud? I just deployed an update; the URL seems outdated.

Please ensure that the approval version is now 0.1.5, then publish again and give it a test.

If it doesn’t work, please DM me the URL.

If you are self-hosting, I am publishing an update tomorrow.

Please let me know if it works.

Using cloud version.
Now with 0.1.5 it works as expected.


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