Apostophe issues

Hey there! So, I’m using Gozen Forms with a custom webhook to send emails after form submissions.

But here’s the thing - if the question contains any apostrophes, the information is received, but it doesn’t show up in the email or anywhere I’d like to use it.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Appreciate your help!

Maybe an easy solution could be to use and extra set of apastrophes by default?

Do you have some screenshots of the current set-up?

Hey @Bram, I’m sorry, but I didn’t quite understand your message.

The question is “what’s your name?” and the email shows like there’s no response, even though I can see the info in the webhooks.

Not sure what’s wrong.

Just bumping this message to see if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this. :blush: Appreciate your help!

Could you show more details of the email and Webhook response?


So, here is the webhooks test, looking good

Here’s the email with the empty field

I have the exact same flow, but instead of using “What’s,” I’m using “what is,” and that one is working fine. :thinking:


The field pasted behind the bold “You are?”

Is the body field with “okay we’ll….” Are you sure that that field is filled within the Webhook? As it looks like that might be empty and therefore showing no results

I don’t think apastrophes are the issue.

Not sure what data is there in the Webhook but could you show the entire Webhook response or at least the same field

Oops, my bad! I apologize for the mix-up. Here’s the correct screenshot :sweat_smile:

I believe it’s the apostrophe causing the issue.

The other (almost identical) flow is working fine, and is the same questionnarie just I modified the name question, I tried without the comma and apostrophe and it’s working good.

As, the other questions containing commas and are showing up. The only suspect is the apostrophe.

Thanks for the screenshot. Dont’t think that is the issue as it has to do with the output which is next to it, test 4 in this case.

Maybe the team of AP could help you

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Is anyone from the AP team able to help? @ashrafsam @abuaboud

The team will look into this soon

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Hey @abuaboud, appreciate it! Looking forward to your updates! :blush:

Hey @abuaboud, any updates on this?

Hey, is there anyone around who can help? @abuaboud @Abdul @ashrafsam

@Yaiza This is already a work in progress and is scheduled to be released next week

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@Yaiza give them some time lol, you send 3 bumps within 24h

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Hey @dennis, thanks for jumping in! I actually requested help with this about 2 months ago, even before the community existed. So it’s good to know that it’s finally on their list and should be fixed soon. :smile:

This will be released in production in next hour.

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Hey @abuaboud, just tested it out and noticed that all the questions with apostrophes are still empty.

Seems it’s not fixed. Can you please revisit this matter?

Hello @Yaiza, could you please share with me an example of the webhook content on Discord? or in dms here ? just so I can debug it, better. thanks.