API to Woocommerce flow test


Testing my reseller API to Woocommerce flow, but all task spinning forever - why?
And why can’t I cancel them?

Please advise what could be wrong or the server cannot bear this load or what could be the problem here?

All Best!

Hello @Ilustria ,

Are these runs showing any errors? Could you please share the ID of the flow for troubleshooting the issue?
cc @abuaboud

Hey @kishanprmr !

Can’t see any errors and test only spinning forever…
Ok, but how to share id?

All Best!

Hi @Ilustria

I am moving this issues, please dm us the flow link to support@activepieces.com

Hi @Ilustria

I did investigate, all stuck flows have one thing in common where the http response is large ( > 3 MB), although I don’t believe it should fails I will investigate further more .

hi @abuaboud !

Please find a quick solution to the problem.