Anyone working on fully fleshing out Google Drive Piece?

Just ran into a roadblock trying to create a flow where I have to move files around in google drive. In Zapier I have a bunch more data and actions I can do with Google Drive. I see a few discussions in here about maybe some workarounds but if a Piece isn’t fully fleshed out should it even count toward the Piece count? As someone who is new to automations but have a grasp on the potential we have here I just got a bit down during attempting to put together a flow. I try to follow an automation from a tutorial and I see I have all the pieces I need here in ActivePieces only for me to find out half way through creating the flow that I actually don’t have what I need in the Piece.

Sorry just a little frustrated rant from a beginner here. And I wish I knew how to contribute to the work here but at the moment I’d be totally lost. Thank you guys and still on board and looking forward to the growth here!

Hello @ejc2013 , Welcome to the community :wave:,

I understand your frustration with setting up your automation flow. Your feedback about the missing actions for pieces is valuable. Could you specify which specific actions or triggers you’re looking to use with Google Drive? This information will help us prioritize what to add to our roadmap.