Anybody having issues with OpenAI and expiring API keys?

I randomly get an error with the API key when using the “Ask Assistant” feature:

And then when I tap reconnect, I see the API key is missing:

I reconnected it 2 days ago. This happened once before. The flow isn’t published, not sure if that’s relevant or if there is some kind of timeout with the connection.

In any case, it would be unfortunate to have published flows stop because of this.

Wondering if anyone else has the issue?

Also, I understand I can re-add it, but it will probably happen again, so want to know how to circumvent it.

I faced similar issue few days back, Assumed the issue was because of my free OpenAI account, used an api key from paid account and it worked.

Later I reconnected the same API key (from free account) and that started working again.

Haven’t faced it again.

P.S: Even I was testing the Ask Assistant feature.

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Hey Dhruv, appreciate the reply!

I’m on Tier 1 (not the Free tier), but maybe I have to get to Tier 2+

Which tier are you on?


Hi @S_M

I think this is fixed today, Please reconnect and let me know if it happens again.

I am going to mark it as resolved , as we reverted the changes in the openai.

Thank you,

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Will do, thanks for the update!

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