Airtable Record Update Help

Hey All - I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but how do I update a field in Airtable? I’m all setup and the test works (retrieving the full record), but there is nowhere that I can seem to find to specify the field that needs to be updated.

What am I missing?

Hi @Spaz,

If your table contains columns, they should be displayed beneath the Record ID in the menu. Could you post a screenshot of the “Companies” table?

@Dennis - Very weird. There is nothing below the Record ID field for me, I’ve got about 20 columns in the table (below is a screenshot of some of them).

My scopes are below:


Hi @Spaz,

It is indeed strange that the fields aren’t showing up. I agree that your scopes seem to be set correctly.

Could you try reconnecting you Airtable account and if that doesn’t work maybe @abuaboud could help.

Thanks, @Dennis. Appreciate the guidance regardless!

Hey @abuaboud ! I think I found an airtable bug. My integration with airtable only sometimes shows the data fields. I have a base with 3 tables in it but only 1 of the 3 tables show the available fields for me to populate in AP. As I switch the tables back and forth in AP, the fields disappear/reappear.

Hello @Spaz, welcome to activepieces :heart:
Some column types are not supported, would you mind telling me what are the types of the columns that are not showing ? for example the column type “Users” doesn’t get shown.

Thanks, @Abdul! I have two tables in my base (of 3 tables) where no fields shows up at all. Between the two tables at issue, I’ve got about ~30 fields/columns that hit most of the common field types in airtable (text, long text, URL, linked record, look-up record, number, single select, check). None of them are showing up.

Don’t have any users fields but I do have a couple AI fields (I’m in their AI beta program)

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