Additional Action for existed Piece "Acumbamail"

Hey all,

I am looking for some one who can help me to implement a missing Action in the Piece “Acumbamail”.

  1. Rename the Action “Delete Subscriber” into “Unsubscribe Subscriber” because this is more detailed on point.

  2. add the Action “Delete Subscriber” to the Piece

API Documentation to that endpoint: deleteSubscriber | Suscriptores | Acumbamail API

I would release this action for public use for all users. my interest here is just to realize it really quick.

Please ping me, to get known about costs and expected time it would need to spend in.

many thanks in advance - looking forward

Hello @Cumonvip! I’ll do it for free today :sunglasses:



that would be soooooooo cool. Mucias grazias! :wink:

Hello! Didn’t have time that day but I’ll do it today.

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super cool to hear! :wink:

thx a lot for short feedback!