Adding view permissions to Google Drive using an email from a webhook

Hello World!

Non-official Title: Get the user’s email via webhook to add it as a viewer to a file/folder on Google Drive so the business can set it and then forget about it

This automation streamlines granting view access to specific Google Drive folders/files based on incoming customer emails.
It utilizes webhooks to receive the email address, parses the sender’s email address, and grants them view-only access to designated resources on Google Drive. Additionally, it sends a notification message to designated administrators on Discord, keeping them informed about new users.

A small business sends out a Google Drive link to their customers once they purchase any of their products online. However, it’s tiring to add emails daily, takes a solid chunk of time to work on, and it’s boring to do. The solution was to make the drive viewable to everyone but the links are only sent to customers after their purchase. The link is supposed to be for customers only, but working on it is repetitive and unbearable.

This template is the solution to their problem.


Hi there @kei, sorry for being late to respond, but could you please switch the trigger to be forms trigger ?

Could you please send me your email so I can add your tasks ?