Add values to custom fields in GoHighLevel


I’m trying to integrate Instantly with GoHighLevel, and what I need is to classify leads according to what niche they belong to. For example, some leads are from dental clinics, others are online stores.

It occurred to me to create custom fields in GHL to make this distinction, but the problem I have is that if I use the Activepieces create/update contact module in GHL, the custom fields of the contacts are not reflected.

I would put it as a label, but if you update a label all the previous ones are deleted.

Please, would someone know how to achieve this, perhaps using the GHL api?

The idea is to use activepieces and save Zapier or Pabblyconnect

Thank you so much

Hi @cesar.boost ,

You can utilize the get custom fields endpoint to retrieve all available custom fields. The crucial field is the id of the custom field, which you will receive in the response. This ID will be used in the body parameters of the create contact API.

For now, you can employ this custom API approach. However, we plan to incorporate it into the next version of the create contact action.


Hi @kishanprmr thank you very much for your quick response, but the API in that version will no longer be available on March 1, and I think the next version is more complicated to configure, and I don’t know if it is free or paid. Do you know of any date for the update of the piece?

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