Add update and delete functionality to Google Calendar piece

Feature Request: Update and Delete Events in Google Calendar Piece


I am requesting an enhancement to the Google Calendar piece within ActivePieces. This feature would allow users to update and delete events directly through activepieces. This functionality is crucial for maintaining dynamic and changing schedules and would significantly enhance the utility of the Google Calendar piece within various workflows.

Actions and Triggers


  1. Update Event: Modify details of an existing event.
  2. Delete Event: Remove an event from the calendar.

Use Case in a Real Business Setup

In a business environment, schedules and plans often change rapidly. For example, a project manager might need to reschedule a team meeting due to unforeseen circumstances or cancel an event that is no longer relevant. Having the ability to update and delete events within Google Calendar through activepieces would streamline these adjustments. This integration would also enable automated workflows, like notifying team members of the change or updating project timelines automatically. It can also be used for syncing events between different calendars.

I’m automating sending weather forecasts to my calendar, so I need to be able to adjust them as the weather changes. Delete or Update, both would be very useful.

Also there are a lot of fields not accessible. I need access to the description field