Add the Noysi-App (alternativ to Slack)

Noysi is a cheap and stable alterantive to slack:
Therefore a lot of users could use it.

What i Do wanna do with it:

  • I want posts textmessages to specific channels
  • I want invite people (from a online-excel-sheet) to my channel write a specific textmessage and also invite them to a specific private channel.
    -invite a bunch of people to a specific channel

Perhaps more stuff would be nice but that are the core features.

In my case i have a participantslist and every new participant would get an inviation after creating it onto the google-excel-sheet.

The next thing is that I would use an google-sheet with dates and textmessages. On this specific date the program would post the textmessages (which is just a youtubeurl) to a specific channel

And i want that a bunch of participants (about 40) get an invitation to a specific channel, the emailadress from the participant is saved in an google-sheet. this also should take place on a specific date.

The most important feature? To write something to a specific channel