Add support for the app

Can you please add this app to your site, StoryChief.

They already work with zapier and would love to use it here.

Hey if you add them maybe they will write a blog about you and give you more traffic!

Hi @xavier and welcome to the community! All pieces requests are currently posted to the public roadmap. Please add this there.

If you’d like this to get fast tracked by some community members, please consider posting it in the Marketplace as a paid job with clear description and offer. We’ll then give it visibility to our contributors and see if anyone is interested in implementing it.

Thanks for posting this!

Great. I’ve added it there. Why not have a roadmap discussion section here? Also, is there a way to add our own apps to active pieces?

Yes, we started with that roadmap but I’m thinking about moving it here. What do you mean by your own apps?