Add optional fail safety for loops

Hey everyone,

I’m seeing following behavior in one of my runs.

In my flow I’m iterating over a dynamic number of objects in an array. For the iterations I’m using the loop piece.
In each loop, several actions are performed, such as executing code and performing HTTP requests.

If in any of the loop iterations, an error occurs (e.g. in the HTTP call), the whole flow is stopped and marked as failed.

I’m seeing 2 possible solutions:

  • a) Activate the “No Error On Failure” for every HTTP call and add try/catch for every code piece (already possible now)
  • b) Feature Request: Add a flag in the Loop piece, where the flow creator can define if the loop shall be broken if any of the iterations fail or if the loop shall be continued

From my POV, there are use cases where the it’s desired that the loop breaks on any error, but there are also use cases where this behavior is not intended. Therefore, I believe this decision should be left to the flow creator with the default option that the the flow breaks on error.

What do you think about this suggestion?