Add notes/documentation to a workflow

It would be nice if there was the ability to add some sort of notes or documentation to my workflows. These would help me in the future to recall why I did something a certain way.

This would be amazing! Actually struggling with it currently I have more then 70+ flows and everytime I have to dig through the details to better understand te flow of what it does or what I was doing

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+1 also interested in this and if AI can be implemented, an even bigger win!


It is very useful.

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Hi there guys,

We started prototyping for this feature, here are some mockups:

I am wondering if you guys would also find it as important to have a note describing the whole flow instead of just for each step.


Yes. I feel having notes for the entire flow would be beneficial.


Love this! Both would be great :+1:


Yes! super beneficial - also for handover inside the team. from desigh perspective it is also looking really smart. :+1:


These look like a great start, but it would also be nice to have a bigger comment box/area that can be created behind the flow to group pieces together, depending on the complexities of the flows. The best example I can think of to describe what I mean is for the UE5 Blueprint comments which can be seen here: Comments | Unreal Engine Documentation

Also, I don’t know if it adds complexities, but I have always loved the idea of being able to add the triggers and actions to the canvas, and we can connect the flows manually with the ability to order them wherever we wish on the page, (similar to the UE5 Blueprints and many other applications).



Interesting, but this seems a bit heavy for the lay person (i.e. myself LOL)

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@S_M I was just referring to the big yellow box in the background, basically the user can drag it out behind certain triggers/actions to add comments (think of it like a sticky note).

The ability to drag the certain actions or triggers around and place them inside of that comment block (sticky note) would allow for grouping parts of the flow together that are related to certain tasks. For example: sending an email could be in one, generating ai content grouped in another, and so on. Here is a more visual example:

image source courtesy of cbGameDev

As for the capibilities to drag the nodes around and group them, I just meant something simple like this:


This UI also has the ability to lock it after everything is in place to stop you moving things about after you have them where you want them. But the extra control to drag nodes from one trigger/action and connect them to other triggers/actions can be a game changer.

I guess in a way, it is similar to the new release we just had with ActivePieces where we can trigger other flows within a flow. But now imagine being able to create multiple flows inside of one area and linking them together. It’s almost like a branch piece on steroids really.

It’s not too complex really, at least not in my mind, but I am pretty weird. lol. Hopefully that gives a clearer insight to what I was referring to.

Kind regards


I get where you are coming from, I used (Unreal Engine 4) for a year and was impressed by their canvas and blueprints system as a whole, but the audience is different, I always saw this stunned look on people’s faces when I was onboarding them to UE4/5, almost overwhelmed, a tad bit too complex for the normal user, we are trying our best to keep our design as simple as possible, we’ll see about different canvas designs in the future, I was wondering though, where is that second screenshot taken from ?


I understand, but I’m literally only referring to the capability to drag out/add a comment box behind our flow pieces and the ability to group them (or at least the ability for us to drag them about on the canvas to wherever we want). Maybe you can have a toggle for the canvas: simple and advanced. The simple one stays as it is now. And the advanced interface gives users a bit more freedom.

As for the second image, it’s from an app called UseArtemis - it’s for scraping leads from LinkedIn, the flow allows you to message or email them based on conditions you set like if they accept your request to connect, etc.

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Hi AP Team,

Is there any update on this feature? :smiley:

Kr Bram

We pushed this to future sprints as we don’t want to get the product crowded now, so we’re refining the idea internally and should be coming in the coming weeks/months @Bram

Meanwhile, are you blocked by this? What are you trying to do that’s not possible without it?

Hi @ashrafsam,

Blocked no, but I now hold my administration together in One Note. I currently having 9 flows operation and are depending on each other, together running around 500-1000 tasks a day I expect possibly more. I think this process will increase to around 15 flows running 2000 tasks a day. All flows holding around 10 steps on average.

I am facing two issues, one is the maintenance, even though we all know documentation sucks, it’s your best friend when you are struggling to find the issue and fix it. Also if I would plan handover to a teammember it would be so much easier to figure out each step if documentation is all incorporated in the steps.

But again it’s not blocking and if this will take some more time that’s fine. Just the Mock-ups look good and was just curious on where it stands now.

KR Bram


Well put! I agree. In the case of debugging and/or collaboration, this is really helpful.

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I think It’s a very good idea, look why : If users want to share their workflow, it will be really easier for them to understand the mind of the creator (and a note could tell us who is the creator)


Great idea, please create something like that

Hi if that something you add it would be cool to have a global note on each automation page.
I think it’s even more important than note for each task.

Something like this

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