Add more intercom Action/Triggers

Intercom More Actions & Triggers

Intercom is one of the most famous popular CSM Tools.

For following Usecases we would need some more Actions / Triggers.


  • ADD a new Note to a conversation
  • Fetch a conversation-tag from a conversation
  • Fetch a user-tag / lead-tag
  • DELETE / UPDATE a tag from conversation
  • GET Message (Conversation)
  • CREATE a new News Item
  • CREATE a ticket
  • UPDATE a ticket
  • GET a ticket
  • Get conversation / message


  • New Conversation
  • Tag added to conversation
  • Tag added to user / lead
  • New closed conversation
  • Get new Message

Team get notified when a new conversation starts. Team can create from another Backand Tool a new Conversation. User can add a Note to a conversation if a conversation is tagged by another webhook automatically in intercom.
Add Tag to existing users / leads,
A new message (inbound) should fetched, after will ask re:tunes and add the content to the conversation / ticket as a note.

See Intercom API Documentation: API Reference (