Add a Photo to Facebook Option is not working

Hi, I add photo to Facebook option is not working please check this.

Hello @Nuwan_Fonseka , Welcome to the community :wave:,

Could you please provide the full error message from the sample data?

“response”: {
“status”: 400,
“body”: {
“error”: {
“message”: “(#100) url should represent a valid URL”,
“type”: “OAuthException”,
“code”: 100,
“fbtrace_id”: “A4zw6LYp2kMYPN0eQ-TrKLe”
“request”: {
“body”: {
“access_token”: “EAAQWLnGLh68BO2ohZCh8j2mkegxZBGaytGHxs52e1qe7f5dZClQt7CoAyu2Jm2vM1uYcLuyMWByzMbIbM7rgZCpEFW1c2t0w4sNeqTjZAPenROZBcU8o3OlBWqFhPRBMG1VXz0UTILmGffNjSq6BzEKighK4jqbgvIs3y91lPcxisgBFBroZCmS2QQKQh8Gz1ZAh”,
“url”: “{}”,
“caption”: “Woman drowns after falling from bridge in Ratnapura”

this is the error?

The error indicates that the provided URL for the photo is invalid. Could you please verify the image URL from the RSS feed? Is it a valid image URL?

This is from direct Rss feed. sometime there is no photo for the article. You need to improve your script what happened to the photo(in IFTTT the embed there own photo if there is no available photo)

Which photo would you like to embed in such articles? Is there a specific logo?

Yes, may be soory photo is not avaialable or you should user to choose there own photo. @kishanprmr

@kishanprmr @activarpiezas @Jk_Activepieces

You can add code piece after RSS trigger step. This step will fetch image from summary value and if there is no image available then it will give you default image.

export const code = async (inputs) => {
  const text = inputs.summary;
  const pattern = /<img\s+src='(?<url>[^']+)'/;

  const regex = new RegExp(pattern);

  const match = regex.exec(text);

    return match.groups.url;
    //  Replace this image URL with a suitable "Page not Found" image

    return ""